Ron Walker

“You never know whose life you are saving with just a smile.”

What a joy and honor to spend some time with such an authentic man. Ron Walker (find him on Facebook!) is a beautiful brother spreading love on the earth in a humble way we could all emulate and admire.

Ron Walker has written several books including I Almost Gave Up: How I Made it Over Depression and Inadequacy, recorded multiple CD’s and launched a number of businesses, but found himself in dire straits during the economic decline of 2009. After losing his main business, his houses, his wife, his grandmother and ultimately his hope, he found himself working a job he hated and still failing to make ends meet.

Deciding that this was not the life he wanted to live, Ron started to focus on his job and rose through the ranks eventually becoming a supervisor in a Fortune 500 Company. Still unhappy, he decided to leave and resume his entrepreneurial aspirations. In a few short months, he was able to double his income and cut his work hours in half.

Through laser like focus, unrelenting determination and undying faith, Ron has been able to rebuild himself and create a life he loves. He now gladly shares the keys he used to unlock doors in his life with others by way of consulting, speaking and product development. Ron assists others with their vision by helping them to focus on goals, overcome obstacles and achieve measurable results.

Ron Walker is an author, father, motivator and business owner that has been able to defy the odds and build the life he desires. His motto in life is simply, “Keep Moving Forward.”

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