Beverly Hills Hobo

After Hitchhiking With Larry David… after enduring Martha’s Vineyard Miracles… immediately after spending Seven Crazy Days on Maui… memoirist and humorist Paul Samuel Dolman is back to tell you all about his time as a…

Beverly Hills Hobo

From spiritual hitchhiker Paul Samuel Dolman comes the fourth installment of his reflective and whimsical memoir series that began with the best-selling Hitchhiking With Larry David.

After bidding farewell to the lush, sun-soaked beaches of Maui, Dolman finds himself captivated by the glamour and lure of Beverly Hills. Working as a film producer, alongside major movie stars and a host of fascinating characters, he explores the strange, dysfunctional world of Hollywood.

Written in his unique blend of disarming wit and unassuming insight, Beverly Hills Hobo will leave you laughing while pondering the deeper question of what matters most.

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