I am passionate about…

Connecting on a soul level w/ other people
Self realization that applies to every day living
Finding wisdom in all things
Caring about others and showing it
Making a positive difference in the world
Loving who or what is in front of me in the moment
Being creative in a myriad of ways
Challenging myself to grow, shift & expand
Embodying an integrated, healthy, balanced lifestyle
Sharing with others and asking question
Spending quiet time in nature
Noticing the wonder & mystery that surrounds us
Consciously merging with source and being led
Laughing, laughing & more laughing

Paul wrote the highly successful book,

Hitchhiking With Larry David

Other books-

Martha’s Vineyard Miracles

Seven Crazy Days In Maui

What Matters Most


He travels and gives talks on a variety of subjects.

He has been a professional musician (Piano & Guitar)

Founded an entertainment company

Worked as a film producer in Hollywood

He currently divides his time between Martha’s Vineyard & Anastasia Island