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Coming this summer...

Coming this summer…

Martha’s Vineyard Miracle(s)

On the Road with Magic and Madness


“If you could get rid of yourself just once,

The secret of the secrets would open to you.

The face of the unknown,

Hidden beyond the universe would appear

On the mirror of your perception.”


I enter an amphitheater that reminds me of one of those 19th century opera houses and slowly make my way down the center aisle. The plush burgundy seats are empty, the lighting soft, and the feel of the place is pitch perfect. I have never been here, and yet the place feels familiar.

I detect the presence of unseen beings emanating pure love. These ascended souls silently guide me down the aisle to take a seat up front. I look directly ahead to an empty stage with polished hardwood floors. After a moment in peaceful reflection, a message is wordlessly communicated:

“You are invited to write a book.”

Me… thinking and wondering… A couple beats pass. “I am?”

I look again toward the stage and a bright display of lights, like something you might see on a Broadway marquis, slowly illuminates one word at a time … Hitchhiking with Larry David – A True Story.

A smile comes to my face as a wellspring of memories and scenes washes gently over me, then a slight laugh at some of the summer’s absurdities, followed by a thought. “Well, I did hitchhike with Larry.”

The unseen ascended souls pour forth upon me a warm flowing energy that cascades through the essence of my being. Something sacred is transmitted. I look down on my form glowing and pulsating with a muted light.

I feel the energy of the gift penetrate the layers of my being and slowly seep into the depths of my soul.

You are invited to write a book.”

“Invited, not commanded?”

“Infinite Love would never command anything.”

I take a moment to look around the large theater searching for the loving beings interacting with me … yet… I see only empty seats.

“May I ask where I am?”

“Someplace between here and there. You come here often, but this time you shall remember.”

As I soak up the luminous energy of my surroundings, my glowing form grows brighter and more expansive. “Thank you.”

“We are honored to serve. Go now and walk in peace.”

I see a silhouette of a hand on my chest, which, intensifies my radiance. I feel a soft pair of lips kissing my right cheek. The feeling within me is now intensifying. Though my eyes are closed, I see a bright light next to me. I suddenly seem more dense and earthly, as I become aware of my breath.

“Pauly, wake up. You’re having a dream.”

I open my eyes and see The Miracle in all her glory, pressed against me, her warm hand on my heart.

She is smiling as she says, “Good morning.”

I put my arm around her neck and gently kiss her cheek. “Good morning, angel. Where am I?”

“In bed with me on a perfect September morning in the Vineyard.”

As I watch the breeze blow the curtains through the window in our room, I let her words sink in and the logistics of my moment begin to amble back to me: I’m on the island with The Miracle. This is the last day of our two-week reconnection experience; we return to Nashville tonight and start our second chance dance.

“Miracle, are you actually here, or is this a dream?”

She gives me another soft kiss, and whispers, “This is real, my love. What was your dream about?”

It takes me a moment to orientate myself since both realities appear to be true. “Something transcendent just asked—or rather, invited—me to write a book.”

She chuckles. “Really?”


“Pauly, do you remember the theme?”

“Hitchhiking with Larry David.”

She laughs softly. “Of course. After all, he did pick you up.”

As the soft white sheets rest on top of us, I consider the dream and ponder the invitation of the book. “Miracle, I wonder if I can write a book.”

She leans in, kisses my neck, then pulls back and looks into me with those luminous green eyes. “I believe you can do anything you want. Remember, you’re magical.”

Me… Thinking …

Since the moment we met The Miracle has had this unshakable belief in the Power of Pauly and knows in her cells that I’m headed for impressive things.

Her breath blows gently against my neck. “Do you remember the long walk we took on the beach on our second date?”

“Yes, in Del Mar. We ended up spending sixteen hours together, and when you drove away, I felt like we still didn’t have enough time.”

“Pauly, on that walk I told you that you have a destiny and are here to help teach people to learn and love.”

“Miracle, no one had ever believed in me so passionately.”

She sits up, exposing her stunning, naked form and picks up a bottle of water from the antique nightstand. Her olive skin is bronzed by the past two weeks of glorious late summer weather. The two of us have spent endless hours on the Vineyard’s pristine beaches swimming and basking in the glory of the island.

“Girl, your natural beauty still takes my breath away.”

She blushes slightly. “Oh, Pauly.” The Miracle gets quiet, looks out into the distance as if receiving a transmission and then turns to me, saying, “I also told you on that trek that you are going to write a book.”

“And I said, somewhat stunned, a book?”

She laughs. “Pauly, you need to trust me on this stuff. Listen to the angels … and of course, me.”

“Miracle, I didn’t know there was a difference.”

Coming this summer...

Coming this summer…