Martha’s Vineyard Miracles

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The long awaited sequel to Hitchhiking With Larry David is here for everyone who asked, “What happened next?”

About Martha’s Vineyard Miracles

From multi-talented author and polymath Paul Samuel Dolman comes Martha’s Vineyard Miracles, the follow-up to the 2010 beloved humorous memoir Hitchhiking With Larry David.

He’s reunited with the girl of his dreams.

He’s on a mission (quite possibly divinely inspired) to write his very first book.

Everything’s looking up!

What could make the best time even better?

A triumphant return to Martha’s Vineyard for a delightful summer of spontaneous and unlikely conversations, reconnecting with family and old friends, and radiant love.

But it’ll take a Martha’s Vineyard miracle to turn things around when unresolved issues and mounting differences threaten to drive a wedge between Pauly, his girl, and their chances for ultimate happiness…

In Martha’s Vineyard Miracles, Paul Samuel Dolman brings a new depth to the thumbs-out, say-yes philosophy of Hitchhiking With Larry David while delivering another message of hopeful, uplifting growth.

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