My Beautiful Listeners!

I want to wish you a very happy new year and thank you for supporting this show.  You are an intelligent, sensitive audience and your letters and notes continue to touch my heart on a daily basis.

To me, people have always been a fascinating phenomena of endless depth and mystery.  The podcast has afforded me the opportunity to dialogue with the wide cross section of luminous souls.  For many, it has become a Master Life Class and accelerated our spiritual journey as well as the scope of our learning.

On top of that, this process of social alchemy has deeply intensified my curiosity and desire to grow.

Which brings us to NOW- what started as The Pauly Cast moves into it’s next phase; What Matters Most.  For the many who have been listening, I don’t foresee any dramatic jump or change of direction.  Yet, if you went back to our first shows and compared them to the episodes over the past four months, I think one can clearly see an evolution.

So as we collectively move into the next chapter, I hope you will continue the journey with us.Always remember, your presence is an essential part of the process.

Thank you.
Much love,