I am pleased to bring you this deeply moving show with my friend, Dr. Keith Holden (read his book Power of the Mind in Health and Healing, and check out his Medium post, “Curing the Incurable”), on his courageous experience with prostate cancer and his unique journey of recovery. Keith is combining mainstream therapies as well as progressive mind-body techniques. His authenticity and vulnerability here is profoundly moving. This is one of the most spiritual shows I have had the privilege to be a part of and embody.

Dr. Holden is a board Certified in Internal Medicine and trained in Functional Medicine through The Institute for Functional Medicine. He has also trained in European Biological Medicine. His goal is to deliver best-in-class integrative healthcare education by staying abreast of the latest science-based evidence regarding innovative ways to promote health and well-being for all individuals on a global scale.

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