Danielle Rama Hoffman touched me with the depth of her wisdom, across many areas, her open heart, and the presence she brought to the show.  This truly was an inspired and inspiring experience for me and I am certain it will touch many others.

Danielle Rama Hoffman is a divine transmitter and scribe of ancient and innovative wisdoms for the purpose of elevating consciousness and inspiring personal growth. She is a leader in the shift into unity consciousness, living from joy, purpose and prosperity as divine creator beings.

Danielle supports spirit centered light-workers, visionaries, coaches and personal growth enthusiasts to access their inner divinity so they can confidently share their purpose and unique contribution prosperously (unencumbered by fear, shame or doubt) and manifest the life they desire.

She is the award winning author of The Council of Light and The Temples of Light. She is the creator of bestselling, life changing divinely guided programs such as Divine Birthright Activation, the Prosperous Soul and Thoth’s Magic Academy.

She leads tours to Egypt and offers private retreats in Southern France.