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Tune in with author, speaker, and host Paul Samuel Dolman as he discusses a wide range of subjects with a stimulating, diverse group of people. If you enjoy What Matters Most, please take a moment to rate and review the show in iTunes / Apple Podcasts or Podchaser. It only takes a few minutes, and adding your review is as easy as clicking this link. Thank you!

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Heather Hansen #875

What Matters Most podcast host Paul Samuel Dolman engages with trial lawyer, advocate, and television personality Heather Hansen.

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Richard Leider #874

What Matters Most podcast host Paul Samuel Dolman speaks with internationally known life coach Richart Leider to talk about purposeful living.

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Jean-Pierre Isbouts #873

What Matters Most Podcast host Paul Samuel Dolman talks to the historian and author Jean-Pierre Isbouts about his book Mapping America.

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Cristi Christensen #872

What Matters Most podcast host Paul Samuel Dolman speaks with yoga teacher and author of Chakra Rituals Cristi Christensen.

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Martha Calihan, MD #871

Holistic / functional medicine doctor Martha Calihan, MD, speaks about A Death Lived with Paul Samuel Dolman on the What Matters Most podcast.

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Agi Heale #870

Paul Samuel Dolman, host of the What Matters Most Podcast, speaks with anxiety coach and author Agi Heale about her book Generation Panic.

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Dr. Allen Frances #869

It’s the return of author and advocate for democracy Dr. Allen Frances to the What Matters Most podcast with Paul Samuel Dolman.

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Terry Virts #867

What Matters Most podcast host Paul Samuel Dolman welcomes back astronaut, author, and photographer Terry Virts.

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