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Tune in with author, speaker, and host Paul Samuel Dolman as he discusses a wide range of subjects with a stimulating, diverse group of people.

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Leila Conners #562

This episode of What Matters Most features host Paul Samuel Dolman speaking with climate change activist and filmmaker Leila Conners.

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Chris Arnade #561

Paul Samuel Dolman, host of the What Matters Most podcast, welcomes journalist and photographer Chris Arnade to talk about the book Dignity: Seeking Respect in Back Row America.

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Briallen Hopper #560

Paul Samuel Dolman, host of the What Matters Most podcast, welcomes essayist Briallen Hopper, author of Hard To Love, to the show.

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Shannon Watts #558

Paul Samuel Dolman welcomes founder of Moms Demand Action, Shannon Watts, to discuss gun violence prevention advocacy and her new book on What Matters Most.

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BIll Philipps #556

Paul Samuel Dolman welcomes returning guest, the medium Bill Philipps, back to the What Matters Most podcast to talk about Bill’s latest book.

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Jenny Odell #555

Multidisciplinary artist and author Jenny Odell speaks to What Matters Most podcast host Paul Samuel Dolman about her new work, How To Do Nothing.

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Dr. Megan Ranney #554

Paul Samuel Dolman welcomes Dr. Megan Ranney to the What Matters Most podcast to discuss gun violence and firearm injury reduction in medicine.

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Todd May #553

Host Paul Samuel Dolman welcomes philosopher, author, and professor Todd May to the What Matters Most Podcast to discuss morality and philosophy.

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