Yvonne Tally was an absolute joy to interact with on the show.  She is a great wellspring of wisdom across the spectrum  Tune in and save yourself from the epidemic of busyness.

Overbooking and under sleeping have almost become status symbols, and having it all seems to be synonymous with doing it all, yet what do we really accomplish with so much busyness?  Yvonne Tally wants to give you back your life by helping you break the busyness habit.

She offers realistic, step-by-step, and even fun ways to get off the busyness hamster wheel and reclaim your time. Yvonne shows how the benefits of living a more balanced life can improve your longevity and spiritual well-being. She outlines ways to shift and calm your mind, learn how to say no, and create your own “busy-busting solutions.” With fifty-two refreshers and reminders, Breaking Up with Busy provides incremental ways to change habits, transform thinking, and reconnect with your unique, personal sense of play and pleasure.

Yvonne Tally leads meditation and mindfulness programs for corporations, private groups, and individuals in Silicon Valley and throughout the United States. She is an NLP Master Practitioner and cofounded Poised Inc., a fitness and lifestyle company. She lives in Northern California.

“Yvonne Tally does a great job, in Breaking Up with Busy, of giving women actionable advice supported by real-life examples; and any woman — or any person, for that matter — who needs more balance in their life will be able to benefit from reading this book.”
The Mindful Word

“Yvonne Tally delivers her message with a light hand and a sense of humor, making hers a voice that people trust and find inspiring.”
— Kat Gordon, founder of the 3% International Conference

“Yvonne Tally’s energy is boundless, and her clients wish they could buy a bottle of it. With this book, now they can!”
— Robbie Baxter, author of The Membership Economy and founder of Peninsula Strategies

“As a consumer reporter, I have done countless stories on the next best thing to get in shape and get healthy. I have heard it all and done it all! But what I never had done before was exercise and train my mind to work in a productive and positive way to change my most challenging habits. Working with Yvonne Tally has helped me create a new way of thinking and living. It is one of the most powerful things I have ever done.”
— Jeanette Pavini, two-time Emmy Award–winning journalist and coauthor of Raising Baby Green