This is the sixth episode in our ongoing series What Matters Most in America.

Clennon L. King is an award-winning Boston-based journalist, historian, and documentary filmmaker. Born to a prominent civil rights family in Albany, Georgia, King was inspired by his father, the late C.B. King, an attorney who represented civil rights demonstrators, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (no relation) during the 1961–1962 Albany Movement.

King graduated from The Putney School in 1978, earned a degree in English from Tulane in New Orleans, studied law briefly at University College London, and then pursued film studies at New York University’s Graduate School of Film and Television. His early career included a three-year stint as a special assistant to Dr. King’s top aide, Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young. King also served as the city of Atlanta’s film bureau chief and government-access TV station manager under Atlanta mayor Maynard Jackson.

King left the public sector to delve into journalism in earnest, reporting as an on-air TV reporter for network affiliates in Dallas (KXAS), Atlanta (WSB), Miami (WSVN), Jacksonville (WTLV/WJXX), Mobile (WALA), and Boston (WGBH). He has also contributed to The Boston Globe.

His awards include an Emmy® nomination from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ Suncoast Chapter, a regional and national Edward R. Murrow, and a National Association of Black Journalists’ news award. King’s reporting on race has also been recognized by Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

King is the father of two adult sons, Crawford and Jordan, and resides in Roxbury, Massachusetts, home to his company, AugustineMonica Films. King founded his video production house in 2002, and in addition to producing fundraising and marketing videos for area nonprofits, the house also has to its credit three diversity program offerings. His first was the award-winning documentary Passage at St. Augustine: A 1964 Black Lives Matter Movement That Transformed America, which was presented at the Putney School, Vermont, in 2016. King’s second was the 65-minute documentary entitled Fair Game: Surviving a 1960 Georgia Lynching.

W. Lee Warren, M.D. (find him on Twitter and check out his podcast!), is a brain surgeon, inventor, Iraq War veteran, and writer. His most recent book, No Place to Hide, was named to the 2015 U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff’s Recommended Reading List. Dr. Warren has appeared on The 700 Club, The CBS Evening News, and his writings have been featured in Guideposts Magazine. Dr. Warren practices neurosurgery at The Wyoming Medical Center. He plays the guitar and loves to make connections between faith, science, and the realities of life. Dr. Warren lives in Wyoming with his wife, Lisa.

Kevin Gilliland, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and the Executive Director of Innovation360 (i360), an outpatient counseling service that works with people struggling with mental health, substance abuse, and relationship issues. Over the past twenty years, Kevin has mentored countless individuals and couples, participated in research trials, and lectured across the country. He currently teaches in the Counseling Department at Southern Methodist University in Dallas where he instructs graduate students.

His debut book, Struggle Well Live Well: 60 Ways to Navigate Life’s Good, Bad, and In-Between tackles Kevin’s approach on life – which aligns with his approach and advice for friends, family and his clients! It serves as a roadmap to navigating through life’s inevitable struggles and how to over come the simplest of obstacles, such as work/life balance, to heavier issues, mental illness or addiction.

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