Here we have another wonderful Mailbag with the beloved Katherine Lott

New Podcast Questions

Since there has not been a mailbag in a really long time, we are beginning to believe the nasty rumor that Katherine quit the show over money issues.  Supposedly as her popularity grew she got cocky and wanted even more money then what Pauly gets, unfortunately when the producers balked… the lady walked. – Steve & Allen

Hey, shouldn’t it be called the E-Mailbag? – Mr. Picky

I just turned 30 and would love three pieces of advice from you. Is there anything you wish to share? – Kerry

  1. Trade the television for books.
  2. Switch from worry to prayer/meditation.
  3. Choose magic over money

Pauly I love your show and also follow you on Facebook, lately I’ve noticed a huge increase in all things political.  Is there a reason this election has you more fired up? – Ted

Katherine, you are a woman in the Hillary demographic, what are your thoughts about her? – Cindy

Links and Topics Mentioned In This Valentine’s Day Mailbag Episode