Teri PThis episode features a fascinating conversation with Teri Pugh, a grief care specialist.

A native of Nashville, Teri shares time between private practice and traveling the country facilitating workshops and speaking to groups, schools and companies on the benefits of living “plugged in.”

Grief Awareness and Restorative Living Specialist, spiritual counselor, author, mom, animal lover and friend: she’s a person you want in your corner.

Her path to mindful living began over two decades ago. That said, she pulls from personal life, bringing to the table extensive training, straight forward questions, intuition and a dose of humor to relay life transforming messages.

She knows that despite our best efforts, grief, chaos and addictions can show up when we least expect them… leaving our lives feeling turbulent and flipped inside out. The components of her work invite healthy, sustainable life changes. Engaging the WHOLE you. Willingness, awareness, self-care, communication, forgiveness, and releasing are key!

YOU know best what you’d like to work on and if you’ll not, don’t fret, after a few thought provoking questions you’ll begin to feel the answers stirring.

Each person’s circumstances differ; no pain is quite the same. She knows all too well the domino effect of unresolved grief, pain and anger. It not only weighs heavy on our heart and mind, over time can result in a state of “dis-ease”, which shows up in a variety of discomforts in our physical, as well as emotional and mental states.

Teri Pugh’s Credentials

• Certified Grief Awareness Specialist
• Certified Restorative Life Coach
• Certified Hospice Care-Giver
• Board Member Radiant Health Institute
• Ordained Spiritual Life Counselor
• Co-Facilitator 2015 LifeMakeover.com
• Course Facilitator at Riverbend Maximum Security Inst.
• NAADAC member (National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors)
• Addiction Counselor Intern
• ICFTN member (International Coaching Federation of Tennessee)