I came across this fascinating young man with the beautiful mind and was captivated by his perspectives.  Sy (also see http://fountainheads.co/ and find him on Twitter!)  and I shared an inspired conversation around the nature of being, the essence of truth, and our pursuit of an ever more broad life view.  Or as he might say, living in a more vast state.

In his words, “I see a world where we are connected by inspiration, liberated by creative growth and free to pursue what really makes our heart beat effortlessly alive.

I see a world where you can think, be, and live Vast — on the continuously expanding edge of your potential by making your highest states of being your default states.

Sy is the creator of Vast. A philosopher, consciousness hacker and coach who develops tools to live on the intersection of self, consciousness, and reality. He teaches others how to think Vast and experience more playful and creative self-determination in their minds and lives.