“There is a gift in every wound.”

Stephanie Marango, MD, RYT is a holistic health physician and educator, and founder of i.m.body. Her work connects your tangible energy (e.g. physical) to your intangible energy (e.g. mental, emotional, spiritual), and applies it in a practical way.

A Stanford University graduate, Dr. Stephanie also graduated with honors in research from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, where she developed and taught wellness-related curriculum (called living anatome) while still a student. She later trained in Psychiatry at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Throughout her time in the medical system, she was a certified yoga instructor, a course of study she completed after living at the Sivananda Ashram in the mountains of upstate New York.

In the public arena, Dr. Stephanie has been referenced for her expertise in popular magazines like Fitness and Well + Good, served as a peer reviewer for the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, published researched featured on the cover of Anatomical Sciences Education, guest teaches at yoga teacher training programs in New York City, is co-Director of the Functional Anatomy for Movement & Injuries (FAMI) Workshop and lead author of its iPad app series, has been a regular wellness speaker on QuantiaMD and at Reading Health System (because caretakers need care, too), as well as a guest contributor to other publications, courses, radio stations, and audiences nationwide, both online and off.

She is also the author of The Wisdom Of Your Body: What It Is & How To Decipher It, along with Your Body and the Stars: The Zodiac as Your Wellness Guide.