Sherry Sidoti

“Yoga in its essence is a science that offers many techniques and exercises to get home to ourselves. To get home to our true selves.”

This is an inspired program on the many layers of yoga and getting back in touch with the larger aspects of who we really are at our core. Sherry Sidoti is a wonderful wellspring of wisdom and practical knowledge on top of being a lot of fun to commune with.

Sherry believes that within each of us lives a fierce and compassionate warrior of the heart, with great purpose for being here on earth; that each of us wants to do more than just simply exist in the day to day. She trusts our human capacity to heal, sharing that well-being is for everyone to experience in this time of Now. She helps us realize this by exercising the yoga teachings within our physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual bodies in every practice. With form, she says, comes freedom.