Shelly Bullard

Connecting with Shelly Bullard was both inspiring and a ton of fun.  We covered some beautiful ground.  In this show, the concept of ‘Becoming the embodied YES’ was born.  Thank you Angel Shelly for being the light you so brilliantly shine.

In Shelly’s words…

The best way for me to introduce you to my work is to talk about what hasn’t worked in my life. Because the truth is: I’ve hit many low-points. And it’s from these “bottoms” that I’ve learned to how to create what I truly desire.

With that, here’s a peak into my beautifully-messy past…

My first bottom was in 2011, when I woke up and realized that I had to get sober.

On this day, I had the biggest awakening of my life.

Having destroyed the things I loved the most, it felt as though my life had literally crumbled around me.

In the midst of this destruction, the last thing I expected to find was there...


Laying in my bed, devastated by who I had become, I suddenly became aware of a clear, loving, unwavering voice within me. The message it had was simple:

“Follow me and I’ll guide you out.”

I listened… and it was right. I got out.

(You can read more about that experience here.)

My second bottom came a few months later, after a devastating, heart-wrenching breakup.

Once again, in the face of deep sadness and loss, I surrendered. And the wise voice within me said:

“You are creating your relationships from the inside-out. Change what’s happening inside you, and your relationships will change, too.”

While I didn’t know what that meant yet, I somehow knew it was true. I started doing the deep, internal work – connecting and cultivating love within me.

I blossomed.

And soon after, a man appeared in my life and showed me a type of love I had never experienced before. This experience taught me that love really is created from the inside-out. 

(You can read more about that experience here.)

My most recent bottom was the most unexpected.

I had built an incredible business – I’d manifested love, experiences and money. My life had become genuinely phenomenal in so many ways.

Yet I still hit a “high-bottom” when I realized this: Nothing on the outside is ever going to complete me, if it’s not fully, completely, Divinely Aligned to who I am within.

What I learned from this bottom is:

When I force things into existence, they aren’t what I want.

When I lose myself is trying harder, praying more, and become overly consumed with spiritual techniques, what I create is not what I want. 

Can I manifest stuff? Sure. But it’s not what I want….

What I want – simply and profoundly – comes from one thing only: Being aligned to love within.


When we find our own Divine Alignment, everything we desire falls naturally into place.

Even spiritual people get fooled by the ego – we get lulled into it’s delusion: “What you want is over there; when you get _____, you’ll finally be happy; build more and more, and then you’ll be free…”

I built it. I got it. And it wasn’t the answer.

The answer is inside you. It’s always inside you.

(You can read more about that experience here.) 

Through your own Divine Alignment, you won’t have to push and force anymore – everything you desire (and things you don’t even know you desire) will automatically be done to you.


The purpose of my life and the purpose of my work is to stay committed to my Divine Alignment, and help you find yours in everything you do.

When you connect on the inside, unlimited fulfillment, success, purpose and love, will show up for you on the outside. I look forward to showing you how.