This is an utterly unique exchange with wilderness guide and energy healer, Scout Wilkins (read her blog!).  I love what she brings to the conversation here with some beautiful metaphors, exquisite language, and profound wisdom.  We talk about the power of the natural world and the incredible complexity of the human dynamic.  This one was just a joy for me.

In Her Own Words…

I believe that joy and inspiration are available to all of us. Joy and inspiration are the essence of life, and life energy is all around us.

It really is a matter of the flow of energy. The energy is there, all around us. Our part is simply to get out of the way and let life in.

Even though that sounds simple, we resist that opening, for very good reasons.

My joy and my gift is that I can feel, see and understand that resistance, at a very deep level. I can take you to a place where you feel safe enough to get past it. Safe enough to open up and let life flow through you.

My personal intention and commitment is to live my life fully engaged, loving other people and creating a beautiful space around me, so people in my presence can feel safe, comfortable, energized and inspired to try new things.

Scout Wilkins is a wilderness guide, systems thinker, life coach and energy worker. Whether she is guiding people through a slot canyon or through their fear of speaking up, her specialty is helping people create a safety of understanding that allows them to move forward with confidence in a very real-world, grounded fashion.

Scout helps people see and accept the dangers for what they are, sorting out imagined fears from the real ones, and then find, see and navigate the path of safety, beauty and harmony that is always available.

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