“We can rewrite our difficult stories and transform our lives.”

Sandra Marinella (read her new book The Story You Need to Tellis doing so much beautiful work in the world in terms of healing and helping people share their story.  I wasn’t kidding when I said she was an angel here on earth bringing hope to so many people through writing and recovery.  She works with cancer patients as well as veterans returning from combat.  This show really touched my heart on a deep level.

Sandra Marinella is an award-winning teacher and writer.  In  recent years she has taught more than 10,000 writers and given 200+ professional workshops.

When she wasn’t grading essays and short stories late at night, she wrote self-help articles for teens and recorded her life experiences in journals.  She raised two wonderful–albeit challenging–sons, made incredible life-long friends, read stacks of books, and ate entirely too much dark chocolate.

In 2012 when she faced breast cancer, Sandra turned her focus from teaching to writing as a way of healing.  She began volunteering with veterans and cancer patients. As she watched writing help them to transform their lives, she discovered her new passion—sharing the power of their stories and the methods they used to heal their lives.

After researching and writing  her upcoming  book, The Story You Need to Tell, Sandra founded  the Story You Need to Tell Project at www.storyyoutell.com. Here individuals who want to write or tell their stories can discover life-changing stories and learn the power of  reworking and editing their personal life stories with the goal of finding hope, inspiration, and a better way of living.

Contact the author at sandra@storyyoutell.com.