One of my dearest friends and mentors, Rodney Lawrence Hurst Sr., kicks off our series, “What Is At Stake in This Election 2020?” This is a deeply moving dissertation on our history and so much more. We dive in so deep here and I hope you will join us.

Rodney Lawrence Hurst, Sr. is the award winning author of It Was Never About a Hot Dog and a Coke®! and Unless WE Tell It…It Never Gets Told! He is a native of Jacksonville, Florida and writes with clarity and a historical eye. Both of Hurst’s books detail the times, the mood, and the people of Northeast Florida. He also chronicles the rich legacy of Jacksonville’s Black history. Hurst has dedicated his life to fighting injustices and documenting what it has meant, and continues to mean, to be living while Black in the United States.

It Was Never About a Hot Dog and a Coke®! is subtitled A Personal Account of the 1960 Sit-in Demonstrations in Jacksonville, Florida and Ax
Handle Saturday.

It is Hurst’s personal eyewitness account, as President of the Jacksonville Florida Youth Council NAACP, of the events leading up to, and the fallout
from, the bloody events of August 27, 1960. On that day, 200 ax handle and baseball bat wielding whites attacked members of the Jacksonville Youth Council NAACP, who were “sitting-in” at white lunch counters in downtown Jacksonville peacefully protesting segregation.

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