What a beautiful soul just overflowing with love and wisdom.  Robert O.Williams’ gifts were obvious and the joy in which he shared them makes for a wonderful show.

Robert O. Williams, inventor and developer of Quantum Code Technology™ (QCT™), and Sympathetic Resonance Technology™, (SRT™), is the co-founder of ONE08, Inc., a Portland based innovative technology company.  He is also authored the book “Love Is The Power” published June, 2017.

As an expert in the study of subtle energy engineering and its effect on physical systems, Robert’s research has provided scientific breakthroughs in field-based technologies, consciousness, and human potential.

In addition to being an inventor and author, Robert has also enjoyed success as a musician and educator.  He taught music at the university level, and recorded and performed with such artists as The Beach Boys, Paul Horn, and Charles Lloyd. In 1978, after a decade in the music industry, he served as Executive Director for LoveSongs Productions, Inc., a motion picture and recording production company owned by Michael Love of The Beach Boys.

The direction of Robert’s life and career changed in 1979, when he had a near-death experience. From that point on, he devoted all of his time and energy towards researching consciousness and subtle energy, along with conventional physics and medicine. Since then he worked with prominent scientists including Professor William Tiller at Stanford University, Professor Beverly Rubik from the University of California at Berkeley, Professor Rustum Roy at Pennsylvania State University, Department of Materials Sciences, and Professor Stuart Krassner, Department of Biology, at the University of California, Irvine.

Robert’s research was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and the journal of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.  He has been a guest lecturer several times at the University of California at Irvine and the Tai Sophia College of Alternative Medicine in Maryland.

In 2005, Robert was chosen by author Lynne McTaggart to speak at the first “Living the Field” Conference in London, England, on Field Based Technologies. Another noteworthy speaking engagement was at 2009’s Science of Whole Person Healing Conference hosted by Professor Rustum Roy and Dr. Robert Duggan.

His technologies appear to change standard elementary particle flows and interactions, increasing their energy and information efficiencies. Generalizing from experimental data, the primary effects of the technologies on elementary particles and atoms appear to be:

  • enhanced electron information efficiency and increased levels of coherence
  • greater stability with electromagnetic (photon and electron) interactions
  • accelerated valence shell bonding rates

Because these effects occur at such a basic physical level, the potential benefits for electronics, chemistry, biology, human health and psychology are extensive.

Robert co-developed the ONE08 mobile phone Heart+ APP that enhances, supports, and maintains highly efficient human and animal bioenergy levels.

In addition, Robert co-developed a way to revitalize drinking water, restoring the molecular relationships of H2O to match those of pristine healing waters found around the planet.  This research was conducted by world-renowned water expert and material scientist, Prof Rustum Roy, at Penn State University.

After his near death episode in 1979, his study of the relationships between particle physicality and the “spaces between particles” (or non-physical domains) led him to the discovery of the technology that, he claims, saved his life.  He calls the discovery more of a “revelation” than anything else.  After years of struggle, he suddenly comprehended the profound interconnectedness of nature and the innate intelligence at the foundation of all life.

He left the music business that year and studied the technology as it affected the growth rate and health of sprouts and plants.  He cofounded Coherence Industries 1985 that served to begin extensive research and development of devices and products for the masses.   In January of 1991, Robert co-founded Clarus Products International, and Clarus Transphase Scientific, which has sold more than 1,700,000 products world wide to date.

His book describes in raw detail how his life journey continued to turn from one direction to another eventually leaving him struggling for his life, and the unexpected revelation that through various means, has improved the quality of life for millions.

Robert currently lives in the Northern California country with his wife, his 11 year old daughter, and their horse Lucky.