This is an amazing story of self healing and the power of the mind…  RJ is the author of the upcoming book, Supercharged Self Healing: A Revolutionary Guide to Access High-Frequency States of Consciousness That Rejuvenate and Repair and he is the founder of Ascend The Frequencies Healing Technique.

RJ has been an avid meditator for well over twenty years and has taught countless people this sacred practice. In early 2016, RJ became deathly ill. A lethal infection had gotten into his spine, crushing it, causing permanent paralysis from the chest down despite taking a two month course of very strong antibiotics. He required emergency surgery and remained hospitalized for 2 months.

Upon awakening, literally and figuratively from surgery, he told everyone he would heal himself not only from being permanently paralyzed from the chest down but from the multiple diseases including hypothyroidism, diabetes, hashimoto’s auto immune disease and autonomic dysreflexia.

Within one year, he accomplished exactly that. He is no longer paralyzed and shows no indications of any of the diseases he was diagnosed with and takes absolutely no medications. Even the mystery lethal infection that months of antibiotics could not cure has been resolved.

In the book RJ Spina shares the unique seven-step healing system that he used to overcome chest-down paralysis and chronic illness, and now utilizes to help countless others heal their debilitating health challenges. This book shares basic information and practices you need to apply the Ascend the Frequencies Healing Technique, a healing program that allows you to achieve elevated states of consciousness and harness high-frequency energy for health, vitality, and deep inner peace.

Within these pages, you will discover how to let go of the ego mind and access your true essence. You will learn the keys to:

Activating your healing intention
Channeling energy through the crown chakra
Turning off the program of illness
And much more

Through visualization, meditation, and mantra work, you can reprogram your mind and body for recuperation and optimal wellness.

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