I felt an immediate and easy connection with life coach Randy Spelling (check out his blog!) like we were two old friends just hanging out having a coffee and catching up.  He was so easy going and yet we went so deep.  Randy is so embodied with hard fought life wisdom and shares it here with grace.  There is a lot in this show one can easily apply to make this highly complex and often challenging adventure called life, flow better.

Also, a very special thanks to my new friend the amazing Mike Bayer, for putting the two of us together…

In his own words…

Hey, I’m Randy Spelling, the founder and Head Freedom Strategist here at Randy Spelling Coaching.  I’ve been working with people for over a decade, helping them live better lives, reach new levels of success and find lasting happiness. I’m not just a coach. Or a strategist. I’m a passionate practitioner of Change and Result. I help you get out of your own way and infuse your life with purpose and passion.

I’ve had to reverse engineer my life (a powerful strategy that will help you achieve your deepest desires from life). I was born in Los Angeles, CA to one of the most well known Hollywood families in the entertainment business. I had money, celebrity, and success. And then…what else? There was more, always more.

But I was unaware of how to fill this void. And believe me, I tried to fill it with every external thing imaginable (more on that in my book!). It felt like there was some mysterious element that was missing. I wanted to be fulfilled, not live by the expectations of others. Society’s definitions of success and happiness were fine, except they didn’t leave me feeling successful or happy.

I struggled to find my way, crawling through low self-esteem and not knowing my deeper purpose. After my father’s death and some near death experiences of my own, at age 27, I set out on a mission to “find” myself and understand what it takes to reach real happiness, how to transform low self-esteem, minimize anxiety and overwhelm, and what leads to a truly fulfilled, connected life.

I became a credentialed life coach while continuing to dig through transpersonal psychology, spirituality, higher performance and basically the entire self-help section of Barnes & Nobles! After thousands of hours searching for how to stop being dragged around by my life, but rather become the leader in my life, I landed in the last place I ever thought to look – within! And this revolutionized my life.

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