This is a mind expanding episode on life after death.  I believe!

Paul Davids is an author, artist and director, who has produced films that include Marilyn Monroe Declassified (2016), NBCUniversal’s Jesus in India (2007) and The Sci-Fi Boys (2006), and Showtime’s Roswell (1994). For some background on the Roswell incident, check out the Pauly Cast episode featuring Thomas J. Carey.

He co-authored six books of the Star Wars saga with his wife, Hollace Davids, for Lucasfilm.

He is a Princeton psychology graduate. His uncanny experiences of phenomena related to Forrest J. Ackerman are the subject of the film, The Life After Death Project (2013).

An Atheist in Heaven is about this extraordinary case of afterlife communication, and Paul Davids has signed a sworn affidavit certifying that it is all true. It’s a 514-page hardback book, supported by a trove of scientific findings; a decisive monument to afterlife evidence that is sure to challenge skeptics, followers of afterlife research, and scientists who are experts in many fields, from psychology to chemistry.

What happens when a steadfast atheist dies and discovers he was wrong about life after death?

Although he was a world famous futurist and a pioneering promoter of science fiction books and films, Forrest J. Ackerman never believed in an afterlife of the soul, the spirit or the mind; nonetheless, he promised a few respected colleagues that if it were to turn out that he was mistaken (which he sincerely doubted), then if it were possible he would try to send messages from the beyond.