This show came together through a little Martha’s Vineyard magic.  I was sitting at a coffee shop with friends and without missing a beat began a conversation with this fascinating woman seated at the next table.  Well, it turns out it was Fortune Magazine’s superstar writer, Pattie Sellers.  Being who she is, when I invited her on the show, she accepted.

What an inspiring episode on a wide range of topics.  Pattie has an amazing mind and the heart of a small town girl.  No wonder Warren Buffet is in love with her, hey, so am I!

Pattie Sellers is a partner and co-founder, with Nina Easton, of SellersEaston Media, a private-client content creation company that helps successful people and organizations capture their stories for the audiences that they want to reach.

Pattie is a former assistant managing editor of Fortune and currently executive director of Fortune MPW Live Content at Time Inc. An award- winning magazine writer, interviewer and multimedia journalist, she has written more than 20 cover stories during her three-decade career at Fortune. Pattie’s resume includes groundbreaking interviews with Warren Buffett, Rupert Murdoch, and Nike founder Phil Knight, and definitive profiles of Melinda Gates, Ted Turner, former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Oprah Winfrey, Coca-Cola Chairman Muhtar Kent, Heineken heir Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken, and many other leaders in global business and other fields.

Pattie cofounded Fortune Most Powerful Women (MPW), which began in 1998 as an annual ranking of the top women in the business, and has grown to be the magazine’s largest and most valuable franchise. Pattie oversees six annual Fortune MPW conferences across the globe. Pattie also cofounded and directs various MPW programs, including Fortune MPW Entrepreneurs, the Fortune-U.S. State Department Global Women Mentoring Partnership and the Goldman Sachs-Fortune Global Women Leaders Award.

In 2013, Pattie won Time Inc.’s prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Performer) award for her innovative work at Fortune and her broad contributions across its parent company. The Washington Post profile of Pattie, “The Rolodex that Redefined Power,” described her unmatched talent for interviewing and writing about very successful people.