This show with Nic Voge is about so much more than teaching, learning and grades.  Nic really is a visionary and had so many interesting viewpoints on a variety of subjects.  We kept coming back to how do create a high-quality life here in this world with the limited amount of time that we have.

This show was a joy to be a part of and I look forward to having him on again.

Dominic (Nic) Voge is Senior Associate Director of Princeton University’s McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning where he directs the Learning Program which provides academic coaching and support to Princeton undergraduate and graduate students. His work at Princeton focuses on helping students adapt to unfamiliar demands and expectations as they transition into and through the university so that they may truly thrive and achieve a sense of well-being not only academically, but in all realms of their lives. With nearly 20 years of experience as an instructor, consultant, trainer, and academic coach at UC Berkeley, Princeton, and in private practice, he is a leader in the field of college learning support.

An innovator, he has spearheaded several groundbreaking initiatives.

Nic is a founding member of The Resilience Consortium, the Princeton Perspective Project, and Principedia (a first of its kind crowd-sourced web-based “local-pedia” of learning from instruction), all initiatives designed to deepen student engagement and learning. Additionally, he is active in faculty development, leading trainings and consulting with scores of faculty at Berkeley, Princeton, and a range of other institutions from community colleges to the Ivies.

Nic recently co-authored Life Beyond Grades: Designing College Courses to Promote Intrinsic Motivation (Cambridge University Press) which unravels the complexities of student motivation and guides instructors through a unique course design process.  The book and his recent TEDx Princeton talk, “Self worth theory: The hidden key to understanding and overcoming procrastination”, delve more deeply into the issues of self-worth and well-being discussed in the What Matters Most podcast.