A very special show with one of the most beautiful souls I have ever encountered.  This being, Michel Pascal (check out his iPhone app, get his book Meditation for Daily Stress: 10 Practices for Immediate Well-being, and watch a video!),  is a gift to me and every being he so graciously touches.  This is just a magical dialogue that will touch your heart.

Michel Pascal is a french writer, meditation teacher/singer, photographer and director of spiritual documentaries.

Before moving to the US, Michel lived in the largest monastery in Himalayas, Kopan Monastery in Nepal. The high master Chepa Dorje Rimpoche (descendant of Milarepa) was his meditation teacher during 15 years. Michel has written 19 books in french about spirituality.

As a meditation teacher-singer Michel developed a unique concept, RELAX-SING. First time performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York City, in November 2016. He works with one of the most powerful tools that human beings have in the world. The imagination. Michel sings with his exceptional voice a Capella, to inspire you, to travel thru a journey towards your soul. With mental pictures that are familiar for you since childhood. You can watch some of his concerts by clicking here.

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