michaela boehmI have been a fan of Michaela Boehm’s (find Michaela on Facebook!) for a while, so I was absolutely thrilled that she accepted my invitation to appear on the show. Though at the top of her field my any standard, her humility and joy was evident in the first three minutes. She has worked for a long time with David Deida, as well as conducting her own workshops and seminars.

In this show we touched on the importance of finding one’s purpose and holding on to that in the face of challenges and distractions whether you are a woman or a man.

There is so much more here for you to mine for your own growth and enlightenment.

About Michaela Boehm

Michaela Boehm is among the most gifted counselors and teachers to be found globally today.

Born and raised in Austria, Michaela received degrees in psychology from the University of Vienna and received further extensive training in cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, NLP, and yoga.

Upon moving to the United States in 1994, Michaela quickly became counselor to the stars in Hollywood, California, working with the world’s best-known celebrities, including actors, producers, writers, musicians, and international business founders.

Michaela began studying with David Deida in 1997 and in 2007 began co-teaching with him, focusing on women’s empowerment in the 21st Century. Michaela is currently the only counselor in the world personally trained and authorized by David Deida.

Recently, Michaela began making available her unique services to those outside the Hollywood elite, offering women’s workshops, couples intensives, relationship counseling, and co-ed trainings.