This is a brief tribute to my dear friend and voice of What Matters Most Melissa Hart who recently passed away after a challenging yet inspired struggle with cancer.  I met her through a mutual friend in Maui, and we never looked back.  Sweet Melissa was a great force for good and a bright light in the world.  She touched my journey in so many positive ways.  Her fingerprints are on my evolving spiritual journey.  We talked at times for hours about everything.  She was so real, so authentic and relentlessly supportive.

The last time I saw her was on a visit to Nashville.  We had lunch with the bright star in her sky, her little red headed daughter Ruby.  Oh my, what a treat.  She was so happy and at peace.  Her marriage to soul mate Chris was thriving.  The woman who once thrived at the highest level of the hyper-competitive radio business, was now a super satisfied country girl living out in the sticks.  We always laughed about this and she would pause and playfully say, “Pauly, what happened to me?”

Love is what happened, and love is what will remain.

I will miss you my dear friend even though I feel you so strongly as I write this.

Please take a listen and send her some love.  Send her family some love too, I cannot imagine how much they miss her.