This is a highly spirited conversation with the one and only Melanie Hamlett, a true original.  We covered so much varied ground from toxic masculinity, moving through the world as a woman, her rape, almost being murdered, living in her van and having sex with a clown.

We also talked about her brilliant essay on why men do not have other male friends.  This woman really blew my mind here and opened me up.

Melanie is a multiple-time Moth winner, writer, storyteller, screenwriter, public speaker, and comedian.  In addition to podcasts, she writes for magazines, newspapers, and is working on a book.  She performs in NYC, LA, and Europe, where she is living most of the time now.

In Her Own Words…

There are a few things I’m pretty great at. Adventuring and storytelling are two of them. As you can see from my blog, there really isn’t anywhere I won’t go. I’m curious, maybe to a fault and this drives my mother insane. But I like to live right on the edge of my comfort zone in the wilderness and among people. During my 20’s I lived in my truck all over America, during which time I was a white water raft guide (even though someone died right in front of me on my first day), a ski instructor (even though I hadn’t a clue how to ski), an Outward Bound Wilderness Instructor (even though I kinda hated backpacking), and a climbing instructor (even though I’m terrified of heights).

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