What a magnificent show with Maureen Healy, a real light unto the world.  I really love her new book, The Emotionally Healthy Child, though I felt that it could help anyone at any age live a much more effective, deeply connected life.  Maureen has a real peace about her that came through during the program.  This one is worth listening too and taking into your soul.

In her own beautiful words…

“Since I was a child with “big emotions” and lots of energy, I understand your children from the inside out. I have also added lots of education (probably too much, if I’m honest) delving into child development, social and emotional learning, and well-being.

Today, I coach parents and their children worldwide, teach in the classroom and speak to large audiences about the how of children’s emotional health. I consider teaching (whether it’s 1:1 or in larger groups) one of my greatest joys, especially if I can help move a child, family or classroom in a healthier and ultimately, happier direction.

Many adults also listen to my books, whether it’s The Emotionally Healthy Child (on audio) or read it after everyone goes to sleep – the ideas and tools that I teach are embedded into my books and I hear they help straightaway. I was also deeply honored to have His Holiness the Dalai Lama write the preface for my new book, where he stated: “I hope Maureen Healy’s book – The Emotionally Healthy Child – will contribute to a more wholesome education for future generations.”

With all that, if you want to connect – I’d be happy to help you.