Mary_Helen_b_and_w I have always been fascinated with people who experienced near-death phenomenon.

Their stories are many and well documented.

Mary Helen (Facebook page; blog) was gracious enough to come on the Pauly Cast and share her amazing story of being crushed in an automobile accident, dying, connecting with the higher realm, and then making the choice to return to the earth.

Her clarity and compassion shine forth, as well as an excellent sense of humor.

The people who left and return, the sages, the Masters, the Angels, all seem to say the same thing over and over again… Love one another, be peaceful and joyous, show compassion for all beings, especially yourself, and cherish these earth bound days as sacred.

I believe life, whether in form or in the abstract realm, is incredibly precious. The key for me is to stay out of the mind-trance, and exist in the realm of conscious Presence, where all the magic and miracles exist.

A few other books on this subject that I would recommend: