Markus “No matter what challenges you have in life, you can turn them around and go beyond anything you thought possible.” ~ Markus Rothkranz

This is a fabulous episode full of passion and enthusiasm. Markus (find him on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter!) has an energy and zest that is flat out contagious. I love the joy he brought to this high voltage exchange. He spoke on many subjects, and I really love towards the later part of the show when he shares his wisdom on attracting the perfect partner for you.

“You find life, when you are not afraid of death. The greatest moment of your life is the moment before your death when you finally let go. What if we could live everyday like that?” ~ Markus

Markus was born with a weak immune system and almost died 4 times. His relationships failed and he struggled financially for 30 years until his doctor told him he would die if things didn’t change. So he gave everything up and walked naked into the desert, not caring if he would ever return. It was here he learned the vital importance of letting go and how astonishingly simple the truth really is. Every life form on Earth automatically understands the truth, except man, because it thinks too much and lives in fear and wants instant gratification. We spend our whole lives going after things — people, money, love, sex, freedom, recognition, peace and meaning. That only chases it away. By not needing them anymore — is when they finally come to us.

Markus returned a new being. His health problems vanished and he started getting younger. He learned to travel effortlessly and live the life of his dreams. People were astounded by the profound simplicity of how easily they could also change their lives. It’s all explained in easy-to-read books that even a child can understand. Also available are the very same herbal formulas Markus used to heal himself and reverse the aging process. Everything you need for a new life is right here. Start living. Now!

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