Marianne Williamson returns to What Matters Most to talk about her run for President.  We also spoke about the current state of our country, both spiritually and politically.   Who are we and where are we headed as a nation?  Is this a turning point in our evolution or the end of the line?  Marianne shares here with great vision and clarity.

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Marianne has been a light of inspiration in my life for decades and it’s an incredible honor to host her once again on my show.  This is a deep dive you don’t want to miss.

In Her Own Words…

Dear Friends,

For the last year I have held within my heart the idea of running for President of the United States. Today, I formed a committee to explore the possibility of seeking the Democratic nomination in 2020.

At a time when fear has been harnessed for political purposes, our task is to turn wisdom and love into a political force. The lower inclinations of human nature cannot be defeated by politics alone, but they can be overridden.

Our political circumstances are not simply a product of external policies, but even more so of internal dynamics like fear, desperation, hope and yearning. The mindset of the current political establishment neither acknowledges nor understands the deeper emotional and psychological rivers that underlie political forces on the move today.

I do.

In order for us to transform the crises we are facing now, we need a candidate whose understanding of our internal landscape is as expert as their understanding of traditional politics. As someone who has had a 35-year career addressing the personal crises of millions of individuals, I feel I have a unique qualification to help create the spiritual awakening that will transform the crisis we are facing now. In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “We need a quantitative shift in our circumstances as well as a qualitative shift in our souls.” And I have experience with both.

I am sending you this letter and attached video to see whether the combination of politics and awakening that compels me is something that compels you too. If it does, I hope you will help me communicate to people far and wide that my exploratory campaign exists, and do everything you can to help create the material means to support it.

Together we can do great things. We can show up for our country in a way we have never shown up before. And with God’s help, we can create miracles.

With thanks and all best wishes,

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MARIANNE WILLIAMSON is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer. Six of her ten published books have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books include A Return to Love, A Year of Miracles, The Law of Divine Compensation, The Age of Miracles, A Course in Weight Loss, Everyday Grace, A Woman’s Worth, Illuminata, and The Gift of Change. Marianne has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Good Morning America and Charlie Rose.

In the twentieth anniversary edition of Healing the Soul of America, Marianne Williamson reclaims her powerful voice for social conscience in American society. This is a time, according to Williamson, for Americans to return once again to our first principles, both politically and spiritually. Here, Williamson draws plans to transform the American political consciousness and encourage powerful citizen involvement to heal our society.

With updated material throughout and a new Introduction, Williamson explores the current state of American politics, reminding us of her theory of holistic politics—the convergence of political activists looking toward spiritual wisdom and spiritual contemplatives extending their service into the political landscape. She believes that a morally concerned American must now take an active stand in turning this country away from its current identity as a nation obsessively in love with its money to a nation more seriously invested in all of its children and the potential brilliance of every citizen.

“Marianne Williamson…is attempting to…help not only her followers but an entire nation” (People). In the wake of the current political dysphoria, with countless tragedies consistently on the nightly news, America is facing a time of immense division. Political parties that completely polarize friends and family, mass shootings, threats of nuclear war, and a lack of confidence in our governmental leaders show that the country is in desperate need of restoration. We need a new paradigm of political understanding, a moral commitment to express it, and a new kind of activism to bring it forth. Healing the Soul of America is a blueprint for all three and there has never been a more urgent need.

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