MAILBAGHere we have another wonderful Mailbag with the beloved Katherine Lott

Mailbag Questions From Listeners

I recently finished your wonderful book, Martha’s Vineyard Miracles, and it sadly reminds me of my current situation. Like you I rescued a very beautiful damsel in distress and with time and cash, made all of her challenges go away. But low and behold, she keeps creating new problems.

I guess you can take the girl out of the chaos, but you can’t take the chaos out of the girl.

Is this dynamic basically hopeless? Would love to hear your thoughts. ~ Randy

Do either of you ever travel with the purpose of giving talks? It would be wonderful to see you in person and even to shake a hand. Though I wouldn’t blame Pauly for not wanting to leave his cush life on the beach. ~ Dale

Katherine, did I hear you say you were once a stepmother? If so, do you have any advice? This is a tough job, but I love my husband. Please help… ~ Terry

So many people I now, even myself seems to lack energy…

What do you both do to keep your energy levels high?

Thanks for the great shows! ~ Rich

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