MAILBAGWe are back in 2016 and feeling grateful with another wonderful Mailbag with the beloved Katherine Lott… and we welcome a new sponsor! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and are off to a fantastic start.

As always we appreciate your support and the interesting questions you send to me. Please keep them coming my way.

Also, if you ever have a guest suggestion, feel free to let me know.

Much love,

Questions From Listeners For This Episode’s Mailbag

I am considering spending a year or maybe longer living abroad, any thoughts? Would you live in another country? ~ Lori

Paul do you love writing? Do you feel compelled to write? ~ Tim

I have an idea, Katherine you come up with a great question for Paul on the air? Thanks in advance if you use my suggestion… love these shows… they really make me use my mind. ~ Gail

Katherine you sound absolutely wonderful. Serious question: why do you feel that you are single? ~ Dan

PS- I would ask you out but I am a little bit old for you at 76 years young…

Man, I loved your show with Father Richard Rohr.

All my life I have struggled as a Christian to give clear voice to what I see in my religion of choice. Your dialog with that blessed man finally put some words around some complex feelings. Cannot thank you enough for that my friend.

Do you think you could have him back on for another round of magic? Your rapport reminded me a bit of Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell in that landmark program, The Power of Myth. ~ Byron