Another wonderful Mailbag with the beloved Katherine Lott

This is a sweet little mailbag with a nice variety of questions and the holiday vibe beginning to show up in the studio.

Listener Questions From This Mailbag Episode

Not to be cynical, but what in God’s name does our American celebration of Christmas have to do with Jesus? Other than the first six letters of the word, I see no relation to Christ. ~ Tim

What’s the dumbest thing you have ever done? ~ Sherry

When you see a beautiful woman with multiple tattoos, isn’t that a sign of some inner emotional scarring and that she will be an emotional mess?

PS- this is not a theory, but my experience… when they mark themselves up on the outside, they tend to be pretty fucked up on the inside… ~ Manny

No offense, but are you ever afraid the Deepakatron will be become much more popular than the show? ~ James

Be honest, are either of you hopeful that we as a species will make the changes necessary to not destroy our environment, at least to the point where we don’t create a massive extinction event that includes us? ~ Karen

Have you two ever noticed that doctors wives are just wired a little different? Is this a result of being married to a doctor, or does it take a certain type of woman to make this tragic choice? ~ Ellen

Have you heard of the Disclosure Movement and Dr. Stephen Greer, and if so, do you believe not only in life in other solar systems, but beings have visited us here and had an impact on our evolution? ~ Serena