MAILBAG Today began as a rather sober experience. We were about to begin recording our show when the latest mass shooting in our country took place. We started talking about this tragic topic, and then moved into the questions. This was a very difficult show to do. We appreciate you all hanging in there with us as we run the gamut of the human experience through our programs.

Links and Topics Mentioned In This Mailbag Episode

Questions From Listeners In The Mailbag

In light of Veterans Day, Katherine and Paul, can you talk about teaching a child respect for veterans when we also teach them that war is wrong? I was having a conversation with my daughter (6) about how veterans are brave because they may have fought for the lives of innocent people? Or freedom? Or peace? I like to believe that many people-despite the behind the scenes political reasons-go to war because they believe they are standing up against an injustice somewhere. While this may be an over-simplified, naive way to look at it-I think I want to preserve that view for their childhood. Thank you! ~ Mama Bear

I am semi-dreading the month of December and all the holiday bullshit. Do you have any suggestions for an alternative route to take, rather than buying gifts and drinking too much? ~ Thomas

Have either of you ever met an enlightened Master? Paul, you’re not allowed to say Catherine. Love the show, keep it coming… ~ Cindy

I really enjoyed the program with Andrea Cox on health and wellness. I am considering a fast and doing a little research. Have either of you ever fasted and if so, what was your experience? ~ Mark

Who picks out Katherine wardrobe for the show, and does she get to keep all those fancy clothes for herself? ~ Steve and Allen