MAILBAG Another wonderful Mailbag with the beloved Katherine Lott

Five New Questions From Podcast Listeners

Do you have any thoughts on the Christians being upset about there being no snowflakes on the Starbucks coffee cups? ~ Anthony

Pauly, I enjoyed your two books… Did you really sell all your possessions and if so, how did you make it happen? ~ Mary Kate

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Katherine, tell us about your last date? ~ Matt

Paul, you wrote eloquently and often heartbreakingly about your relationship in Martha’s Vineyard Miracles. Is there anything with the benefit of hindsight that you would have done differently? ~ Amanda

When was the last time you saw Larry, and was he still nice to you? Has Katherine met Larry? ~ Kenny

I recently lost a close friend to suicide. She was a lovely young woman. Do you have any thoughts on people committing suicide? Have you ever experienced this on a personal level? ~ Tammy

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