MAILBAG Katherine Lott (find her on Facebook!) and I are back at in all of our madness.

I have to say the Mailbag episodes might just be my favorite. The questions are fantastic, provocative, and sometimes just hysterical. You keep challenging us to become more aware and think deeply about life and all its little nuances.

More than anything, it sure is fun to hear Katherine laugh or be surprised by some question (since she has no idea what I am going to say until the moment I read them to her.)

Questions From This Mailbag With Katherine Lott

Hey you two, love the show… simple question: Mountains or Beaches? ~ Scott

I’m thinking of skipping college and either traveling or joining the Peace Corps. Do you have any thoughts? ~ Linda

Pauly, do ever have any reservations about writing so honestly? The first book was real, the second one flat out raw… do you ever regret putting it all out there like this? ~ Sherry

What do you think is going to happen with the environment? Do you believe the dire predictions, and if they are true, what should we do? ~ Kyle

Are either of you retired? I’m coming up on a mandatory retirement age and feel at a loss as of what to do next… ~ Stan, and Scott

How early do the Pauly Cast Christmas decorations go up? And if Katherine would be so kind as to offer us her advice on, ‘how early is too early’ for the two of us? ~ Steve & Alan

Links and Topics Featured In This Mailbag Episode