MAILBAG Artist Katherine Lott (find her on Facebook!) and I are back at in all of our madness. I have to say the Mailbag episodes might just be my favorite. The questions are fantastic, provocative, and sometimes just hysterical. You keep challenging us to become more aware and think deeply about life and all its little nuances.

More than anything, it sure is fun to hear Katherine laugh or be surprised by some question (since she has no idea what I am going to say until the moment I read them to her).

We talked about books, the Vineyard with all of it’s magic, religious people knocking on your door trying to save you, and if she ever does any channeling.

Loads of charm and wit ensue.

Appreciate you listening and thank you to those who send in the queries. Please keep them coming.

Questions From This Mailbag With Katherine Lott

I was curious if you are reading anything currently? ~ Calvin

Have you seen the film Cowspiracy, and if so, do you have any thoughts you wish to share? ~ Mary Francis

I have read both of your books, Hitchhiking & MV Miracles… and through your words, I have fallen in love with the Vineyard. My husband I are planning to go there for the first time next summer… My question: is it really as magical as you portray it to be?

Katherine, is it magical for you? ~ Ali

This Sunday I was listening to your wonderful show with Jim Bohannon when two Jevohah Witnesses knocked on my door in an effort to save my soul. Though I give them the benefit of the doubt… and assume they mean well… I still find this so annoying and obnoxious?

And I am not alone… when I brought it up at work… my co-workers went off on them too…

There is also another part of me that feels sorry for them… traipsing house to house for Jesus… getting doors slammed in their face… etc…

Any thoughts? ~ Peter

While we love following your show on iTunes, it’s not the same as being there in the studio as part of the live audience… if only for Katherine’s homemade cookies…

For example: you never channel the Maharisi on the air, yet did so at every one of the 5 shows we attended?

Is there a legal reason for this?

Even more importantly, who does Katherine channel? ~ Steve and Allen

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