MAILBAG Artist Katherine Lott (find her on Facebook!) and Paul Samuel Dolman (Hitchhiking With Larry David) dive back into the mailbag of questions with the usual dose of humor and wisdom.

We start off my sharing our experiences as a step-parent and Katherine offers some excellent insights. From there, we cover the Pope and his visit to the United States.

There are a couple of questions about writing, including a lovely one about Paul’s new book. This leads to a wonderful insight from Katherine on the nature of romantic relationships when one of the people is struggling with addiction.

Questions From This Mailbag With Katherine Lott

Have you ever had the experience of being a step-parent, or step-partner? I am finding it to be very demanding, and often depressing. If could share your thoughts and any tips for making it work, that would be greatly appreciated. Please keep the shows coming! ~ Kelly

Do you have any thoughts on this new Pope? ~ Mark

I’ve been having crazy creative thoughts lately about traveling, and writing. I really want to start writing. How did you begin to write your first book? ~ Lauren

I just finished your new book, Martha’s Vineyard Miracles, and found it brought up so many emotions in me. As a fan of your first work, Hitchhiking With Larry David, I kind of expected this one to be more of the same, and while both obviously share your compelling voice, this new piece took me to a much different place. Nothing against book one, but Miracles, is a lot deeper.

Without giving anything away to those who have yet to read it (And I would strongly suggest they do)… I guess what I am trying to ask- was this a hard book for you to write?


I find this inspiring and have tried to bring more of this into my every day life. Thanks for having the courage to keep it all so real and raw… ~ Kate

What inside of you has kept you from pursuing what you loved and wanted most? ~ Colin

Do you think as we evolve spiritually, even emotionally there is less of a need to be in a romantic partnership? I have been divorced now for over ten years, and I find the old longings for a mate have dissipating with each passing year.

Any thoughts? ~ Ted