MAILBAGPopular Life Coach and award winning artist Katherine Lott joins The Pauly Cast to ask, “Why are people so afraid, even terrified in the world, especially here in America?”

She and Pauly cover a lot of ground and have a ton of fun uncovering some nuggets of wisdom in this delightful episode.

Show Notes

Ever since I met Katherine Lott back in Nashville I have been so love with the spirit of this woman. We have a magical give and take that always expands my being. Being around her makes me smarter, happier and more whole.

The Pauly Cast Mailbag segment is simply an extension of our dialogue into something that can be brought into the public sphere.

This recurring segment has become quite popular and we love the questions you wonderful people send in. By the way, I never let Katherine see the questions before hand, so it is fun to see her deal with the spontaneity of it all.

On this show we talk in person from magical Martha’s Vineyard!

We touch on whether we would join a private club, should weed be legal, has Katherine ever done any formal courting, and a few other topics.

Links and Topics From This Mailbag Episode With Katherine Lott

Questions From The Mailbag

While reading your book I enjoyed your commentary on the Yacht Club… have you ever belonged to a private club… and if you make a ton of money… would you join one? ~ Cindy

Has Katherine ever done any formal courting? You know with a parlor and chaperone? Were you presented as a debutante? ~ Steve & Andrew

What gets you pissed off? ~ Jean

Do you follow the stock market? Do you have any thoughts on investing? ~ Kenneth

What to you feel about the legalization of weed? ~ Jess

When was the last time you really, deep cried? ~ Julia