MAILBAGPopular Life Coach and award winning artist Katherine Lott joins The Pauly Cast to ask, “Why are people so afraid, even terrified in the world, especially here in America?”

She and Pauly cover a lot of ground and have a ton of fun uncovering some nuggets of wisdom in this delightful episode.

Show Notes

Ever since I met Katherine Lott back in Nashville I have been so love with the spirit of this woman. We have a magical give and take that always expands my being. Being around her makes me smarter, happier and more whole.

The Pauly Cast Mailbag segment is simply an extension of our dialogue into something that can be brought into the public sphere.

This recurring segment has become quite popular and we love the questions you wonderful people send in. By the way, I never let Katherine see the questions before hand, so it is fun to see her deal with the spontaneity of it all.

On this show we talk about the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard and whether to go nude. We also talk about the possibility of taking hallucination drugs, the benefits and the pitfalls, as well as other drugs.

Then we veer over to the realm of politics and my love of Bernie Sanders, and my chance encounter with Al Franken at The Harbor View Hotel here.

One of my favorite parts of this episode is when we consider the differences we see between being religious and being spiritual.

Links and Topics From This Mailbag Episode With Katherine Lott

Questions From The Mailbag

I love the beaches in MV, especially the nude ones… yes- there might be the occasional weird dude lurking about but for the most part… it is a much better experience… Katherine, when you visit Pauly on the Vineyard… do you also go ala natural? ~ Sally T

What is the song you play at the beginning of the new intro? Sounds like a hit… and what happened to the very strange, yet compelling ‘old’ intro? Did Bugs Bunny give you some shit for using his trademark sound bite?

PS Keep up all the insanity! ~ Kurt

Have you ever done any hallucination inspiring substances? ~ Dean

I loved your interview with Senator Al Franken on the website, though I wish it was longer. Any thoughts on Bernie Sanders and do you think he can win? ~ Brian

Can people change? ~ Lucy

The two of us recently were lucky enough to attend several Pauly Casts as members of the studio audience (love the thoughtful gift baskets you give everyone- very classy touch)…

In the lobby you had cases of Pauly Casts memorabilia from the years of cranking out the show… but one case full of an odd selection of what looked to be ceramic figures (?)… was unmarked… Do you mind sharing what that is in the mystery case? ~ Steve & Andrew

Are you deeply religious? ~ James