MAILBAGLife coach and artist Katherine Lott joins the Pauly Cast to answer questions from the listeners. They are also joined by a variety of famous guests.

A famous guest joins us in the studio. This, along with a magical moment with our longtime, in-house makeup artist, Lavender Jones.

Questions From The Mailbag

What’s up with all these young women walking around staring at their phones 24-7? I’m a young dude and find this a huge turn off… I mean ‘could you be less interesting?’ Look the F- up… put it down for 5 minutes…

Your thoughts?

PS- love the P-Cast… keep it coming ~ From Kerry

Someone asked me today, “How can you be so happy when there is so much suffering in the world?” I wasn’t sure how to answer, so I thought I would write in and ask the Pauly Cast the same question, and see what you two would say. ~ From Karen

I loved your book Hitchhiking With Larry David… and know you hitchhiked all over the Vineyard, but do you do hitch in other places too? Do you always feels safe? Has anything bad ever happened to you while you were doing this? ~ From Tony

OK serious question… ever think of being a guru? ~ From Ken