MAILBAGPopular Life Coach and award winning artist Katherine Lott joins The Pauly Cast to answer a variety of questions from listeners.

She and Pauly cover a lot of ground and have a ton of fun uncovering some nuggets of wisdom in this delightful episode.

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Podcast Questions

Katherine, I am an artist but have never been able to support myself solely by painting… how did you make the leap to full time artist and do you have any secrets you can share? Thank you. ~ From Kelly

I am a Christian and believe in The Rapture, though I have no idea when it will come (I guess no one but God really knows)… Do you believe in The Rapture? ~ From Evan

Love the Pauly Cast… I am curious if either of you have ever tried online dating and if so, what was your experience- good or bad… ~ From Christine in Florida…

I recently discovered the guy I was dating and sleeping with was actually living with a woman for the past two years… I confronted him and ended it immediately… His only explanation was… “It is complicated!”

Believe it or not he is still texting me trying to keep things going… there is no way that is happening… but I torn as to whether I should inform his partner of his deceit… My friends and I split as to what to do… When is it right to intercede and when it is best to remain silent… thank you for the forum… it is fabulous… Feeling so confused… ~ From Megan

Obviously outside of Larry picking you up… what was the coolest, craziest experience you’ve had related to your book? (State Trooper story) ~ From Mark…