The Mailbag makes its triumphant return after a mysterious absence with the beloved Katherine Lott (find her on Facebook!)…

“Do you have any suggestions on how to meet a romantic partner that does not involve going out with my friends to depressing bars?  I also tried the online scene and had so many weird inquiries, I ran.  Thanks for all the interesting programs.” — Tammy

Paul, I loved your most recent book despite it leaving me a bit saddened and disenchanted around love.  I had to let my long time partner go about three years ago and not a day goes by without a tiny pang of heart pain surrounding this relationship. Two questions- In hindsight, do you have one major take away?  Secondly, and this one is deeply personal: do you still love her? — Melanie

Pauly, are you still feeling The Bern?  I have to admit, it looks like the evil queen will prevail.  Who does Katherine support? — Dennis

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