MAILBAGHere we have another wonderful Mailbag with the beloved Katherine Lott (find Katherine on Facebook!)… on her 55th Birthday no less. What a year, what a life! Please keep the fabulous, interesting and provocative questions pouring in to us. We love them and we love you!

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Questions From Listeners

How hard is it to get a Pauly Cast question read on the air? ~ Nela

I am a simple man who is a loyal American and thus believe everything the government tells me to believe. But perhaps you two could shed some light on something I cannot seem to figure out: Why do they hate us for being free? Are they not free and wish they were? Do they hate anyone who is free? I mean Norway is free do they hate them too? Any all and help that you college educated folks can provide is appreciated. ~ Carl

Do either of you make New Years’s resolutions, and if so, would you share a few here? ~ Eylse

I just saw an amazing film called Spotlight, about the Catholic church pedolfilia scandals in the Boston area, and how the whole organization covered it up. I mean right up to the Pope. My question: How in heavens name is the evil Catholic church still in business? Do you have a rational explanation for this? ~ Mark

Are you optimistic about the coming year? ~ Jenny