Kristin AlexanderFor many years Kristen Alexander (find her on Facebook and Twitter!) worked in the entertainment industry and eventually found herself stressed out, run down, heartbroken and yearning for a lifestyle change. Intuitively she knew there was no medicine or band-aid that could heal what needed to be healed within her.

This led her on a self-healing journey to find her true essence and regain her inner happiness. Early one morning while mediating on the beach in Santa Monica Kristen received a higher calling to become a Healer.

This profound epiphany and calling from Spirit promptly her to take a leap of faith and leave her entertainment career behind. She began hearing the words REIKI over and over in her mind. These words from Spirit guided her to become a Reiki Master. Reiki is a form of Energetic Healing from the East that predates Western Medicine. Kristen carried her Reiki massage table all over Los Angeles giving complimentary energy healings. Almost instantly, Kristen began to witness miraculous healings and her business flourished by word of mouth referrals. Within months of starting her business she had hundreds of clients.

In just a few short years Kristen has become a world famous Reiki Master and Holistic Healer with a global clientele consisting of CEO’s, actors, athletes and celebrities of all types. Kristen is a regular guest on Holistic Radio and speaks to the significance of the Mind, Body and Spirit connection.